Mom not pulling her weight? Just get another one, from Kleenex

Posted on Thu Oct 22 2009

Sorry, Peggy, but I have another mother now, and her name is Jessica. She's more of a BFF, really, and I don't even know if she can cook, but she sure can dish. She might not cure me of this evil cold with chicken soup and cherry Jell-O (Peggy specialties), but she can distract me from my misery with gossip and a mani-pedi. This scenario brought to you by Kleenex, which recently launched a promotion called Get Mommed that sounded so intriguing, I tossed aside my long-suffering mother for a virtual one. (That'll be our secret, OK?) The idea behind the campaign is that we could all use a little extra mothering during cold and flu season, and of course, we'd look online for that kind of comfort. (It's wish fulfillment for anyone who's ever wanted to switch moms after getting dirt rubbed off their faces with a spit-soaked hankie). I picked my new mom from a stable of stereotypes, and I now await her barrage of digital advice and/or pats on the head while I convalesce. Note to Kimberly-Clark: This site needs work, big time. And note to Jessica: Empathy's welcome, but if you try to make me clean my room, I'm out!

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Kimberly-Clark set to roll out three Latin-flavored Kleenex boxes

Posted on Thu Aug 27 2009


If you're shopping in the tissue aisle next month and notice that the Kleenex just got brighter, here's why: Parent company Kimberly-Clark held a contest in March looking for the best Latino-inspired designs. Three grand-prize winners were selected in June, and K-C will be showcasing their award-winning work on shelves in September and October. The three designs are "Celebration" (by Chicago's Jaime Maldonado), "Colores Hispanos" (by Paula Lagioia of Miami) and "Simplemente Hispano" (by NYC's Jessica DelCarpio). Not sure if these limited-edition, artist-inspired boxes will jump-start tissue sales for K-C, which has seen softness in the category. But at very least they make for good cold/flu season décor! We've got one atop our cubicle right now. Take one, please!

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Greenpeace makes up with Kimberly-Clark, releases sappy video

Posted on Mon Aug 17 2009

Greenpeace has been railing against Kimberly-Clark for years, accusing the paper products giant of cutting down the world's trees to make its signature tissue brand Kleenex. Its efforts included ads like this one, a spoof of K-C's "It Feels Good to Feel" commercial, set against an annoying backdrop of bell-chiming music. Now, the two are buddy-buddy, as Greenpeace has dropped its "Kleercut" commercials in support of K-C's "stronger fiber sourcing standards." To celebrate, Greenpeace has created the lover's apology spot shown here, with a man in front of his bathroom mirror making up to his "Kimberly" by reminiscing about all their ups and downs. (Yes, "it all started on campus, all those years ago.") Turns out the Kimberly in question is the tissue box to his left, and instead of the grandiose, sweeping kiss that seals all great movies, the guy caresses a tissue to his face. Aw, we were hoping for some hot hippie-on-suit smooching.

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Noses encouraged to run to Kleenex's shopping-mall exhibits

Posted on Wed Jan 21 2009


Hey, snot noses, you're in luck. Kleenex tissues are popping up in malls across the country.
  As part of a sampling effort launched last fall, Kimberly-Clark has set up experiential marketing booths in shopping centers in 10 U.S. cities. Through March 22, shoppers can tour these Kleenex "Feelspace" booths, which highlight K-C's newest tissue—Kleenex Facial Tissue with Lotion, which is supposedly 17 percent stronger than the more weak-ass previous version.
  Visitors can touch and feel (but not at all spread germs on) different soft surfaces, window clings and floor graphics, and see an iPhone app. Kleenex brand manager Amy Popp says the goal is to remind people to take a moment out of their busy lives and really "feel" the good things in life. "[We want to] allow people to experience the soothing benefits of this product in a unique, in-life setting," she says.
  Hey, who knows? Those tissues might even come in handy for that occasional mall break-up.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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