The Knowledge Generation Bureau knows everything you don't

Posted on Fri Jan 16 2009

Ever wanted to join the KGB and be privy to all sorts of hard-to-find information? Well, now you can text a question to kgb—the Knowledge Generation Bureau, that is—and find out everything from Bono's real name to the best TicTac flavor (Paul David Hewson and orange mint, respectively).
  Stop sweating! They won't tap your phone or bug your house. (That KGB officially ceased to exist in 1991.) Here's how the lower-case kgb service works: Text any question to 542542, and get your answer. A TV spot for the service, posted above, gets quite comical when a potential agent is asked to define "bootylicious."
  Apparently, the organization's mission is to "convert all the information out 'there' into knowledge" and provide a "superior experience to Web search." One disclaimer—the service is in alpha mode, so it might actually be buggy after all.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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