Kettle's Chip of the Month Club is the gift that keeps on giving

Posted on Thu Jul 1 2010


Not content with encouraging consumers to "Crunch Proud," Kettle Brand potato chips has launched a Chip of the Month Club. Members are treated to seasonal collections and previews of upcoming Kettle flavors. Unlike "Crunch Proud," this is a pretty cool idea. Kettle is like the Jones Soda of potato chips, with tons of both regular and gimmicky flavors to make a monthly sampler club worthwhile—and not a bad gift for a co-worker or semi-distant relative. If nothing else, it's a way for Kettle to separate itself from other potato-chip brands that only deal in standard flavors (regular, sour cream and onion, barbecue, maybe salt and vinegar). On a completely unrelated note, my birthday is in September, and I love their New York Cheddar with Herbs.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

Kettle Brand potato chips amped up for a loud, crunchy summer

Posted on Fri Jun 11 2010


If you like Kettle Brand potato chips now, be warned: You'll probably hate them by the end of the summer, thanks to their Loud Food Club summer engagement campaign. Hell, even a couple of weeks of them encouraging the inconsiderate among us to crunch loudly will be too much. Still, they press on with the usual gauntlet of in-store and online ads, social-media profiles, and interactive website, Crunch Proud, where an irritating guy attacks you with the clawhammer end of the campaign's central concept. All this is unoffensive on its own, but loud potato-chip crunching is an ugly, distracting noise outside of its natural habitat (restaurants), so flying it as a battle standard of brand loyalty is going to cause problems if it catches on. There's always the possibility that the amount of people it empowers or amuses will overwhelm the amount who think it's dumb, which Kettle is undoubtedly hoping for, and we don't begrudge them that. It just won't be pleasant, is all.

—Posted by David Kiefaber



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