Kenmore washer from Sears has cool break-dancing-like moves

Posted on Wed Feb 24 2010

This ad from Sears, for its newly relaunched Kenmore brand, had us dancing in our seats. (Thank goodness no one was watching.) The department store is revamping its Kenmore household appliances line, and first up comes this new spot for the Kenmore Elite Multi-Motion washer. Instead of boringly explaining the machine's benefits to an interested couple, a clerk asks her dance troupe to "Hit it!" (Not the machine.) The group uses a break-dancing routine to demonstrate the machine's functions. Even the husband in the spot gets grooving. "Better than just circles," he says, then tries to be all hip like the dancers, with unimpressive results. OK, back to dancing … I mean, typing.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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