Marketers totally geeking out about final season of ABC's 'Lost'

Posted on Mon Feb 1 2010


The final season of ABC's Lost is upon us, and it seems marketers are very interested. Anheuser-Busch is preparing no less than two nods to the show in its Super Bowl ads—a thematic parody in one spot; and in another, a cameo by François Chou, who plays Lost's mysterious Pierre Chang, aka "Marvin Candle." Now, Kayak, the online travel site, has apparently given a much more subtle nod to the show. Last week, CNet dug up a $4,839 flight from Sydney to Los Angeles … on Oceanic Airlines. That, of course, was the doomed flight that our Lost-ies took way back when. Asked about this easter egg, Kayak CMO Robert Birge professed ignorance. "It's a complete mystery to us," he wrote in an e-mail to BrandFreak. "We're investigating to see if there are any more 'ghosts in the machine.' " Hmm. Could this be the work of the Dharma Initiative? Or has Birge been listening to too many Police albums?

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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