If Jon and Kate split up, who will take care of all the sponsors?

Posted on Mon Mar 9 2009


Well, it's not like regular BrandFreak readers didn't see this coming. Apparently, Jon Gosselin has just about had it with Kate, according to reports. The two head the darling household of the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Kate has been a lightning rod for attention. Our earlier posts about her continued dealings with Kmart and Procter & Gamble as a brand spokeswoman created an outcry. An apparent legion of people view Kate as a child exploiter and bitchy gold digger. They've even gone so far as to insult her hair. Kmart didn't blink, however, when asked about using her as a spokeswoman again, and neither did Procter & Gamble. If the marriage falls to pieces (as well as the show), that would surely test those companies' loyalty for real.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

It may be a doomed love affair, but P&G can't quit Kate Gosselin

Posted on Thu Feb 5 2009

Despite Internet rumblings to the contrary, Procter & Gamble has said it will retain Kate Gosselin as its spokeswoman for brandSAVER for the balance of its fiscal year, which ends June. "We plan to continue to use and leverage her there. We'll discuss around that time if or in what nature we'll continue the relationship," says P&G rep Glenn Williams. Kmart has also said it would continue using the much-maligned star of Jon & Kate Plus 8. (That decision brought a chorus of boos from BrandFreak readers. A sample comment: "Shame on you Kmart. Kate Gosselin is a joke. She wouldn't set foot in your store to save her life. ... Please find a more appropriate person for your campaign.") In terms of customer feedback, P&G's Williams says, "I've received less than a dozen [complaints] since September. We have been pleased with the work she has delivered."

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

Kmart considers bringing back Kate Gosselin as spokeswoman

Posted on Thu Jan 15 2009

Following her successful run as a spokeswoman for its holiday layaway plan, Kmart is considering bringing back Kate Gosselin to star in more ads, according to a company rep. The polarizing star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 has been attacked by critics who claim she is exploiting her children for fame and fortune. Kmart rep Tom Aiello says, "She did a good job communicating the layaway program. We're looking to carry that relationship into late spring, but nothing is concrete." He says Kmart has received "positive feedback" on Kate, but "we're going to be smart as we move ahead. We'll look and see if there is a change in opinion."

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

You might be a redneck, but have you truly 'Gone Country'?

Posted on Thu Jan 15 2009


You know you're a redneck when you invite a TV crew into your "crib" and parade your progeny for a Procter & Gamble paycheck. But are you truly country before you hit the bottle and sing about it?
  Well, now, most-maligned mommy Kate Gosselin (or anyone) can truly go country, thanks to a viral campaign by Country Music Television supporting the fish-out-of-water reality show Gone Country 3.
  An e-mail directs the recipient to a Go Country microsite, where the host of the cable net's Top 20 Countdown exclaims, in a breaking news story, "Look who's Gone Country!" (Hint: If you've received the e-mail, it's most likely you.) Your name is then flashed on a Nashville marquee, a newspaper headline and a CD, as fans scream and country artists gush over you (without dropping your name or even a personal pronoun). You can add the video to a social networking site or prank friends at gocountry.cmt.com.
  In Gone Country, a smorgasbord of entertainers with too much free time (George Clinton, Mickey Dolenz, Taylor Dayne, Richard Grieco) compete to see who can be the most C-word. Gone Country 3 starts airing Jan. 24 on CMT.

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp

It's official: Kate Gosselin is the worst spokesperson of all time

Posted on Mon Jan 12 2009

Gosselin copy

After a month, the opinion piece "Kate Gosselin, Most Polarizing Spokesperson Ever?" has finally fallen out of the top-10 most-read stories on Brandweek.com. After 490 comments, the opinion box attached to the article may have just blown up. Or maybe people ran out of venom. What is painfully obvious is that when a company like Procter & Gamble attaches itself to the reality star of Jon & Kate Plus 8, they are inviting a world of criticism.
  Like this: "Add me to the list of people who have contacted P&G to express my disapproval of Kate Gosselin as a spokesperson many months ago. So not only is P&G making stupendously stupid hiring decisions, they are lying about the backlash too. Just another reason not to buy their products." And that was one of the nicer comments. (Many people seem to think Gosselin exploits her children by allowing their lives to be filmed.)
  Another viewer piled on when she said, "She might not be the worst spokesperson ever, but she sure has the worst haircut ever." Ouch.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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