Kanye West launching the best energy drink in recorded history

Posted on Thu Apr 9 2009


Kanye West is not a shy man. The self-proclaimed genius started off as an in-demand record producer. He then took matters into his own hands and became a hip-hop star in his own right. He even took down 50 Cent when both artists released their albums in the same week, and has been quoted saying he thinks it's ridiculous that comedian Bob Newhart has more Grammys than him. Kanye has since expanded his empire by creating his own travel agency at KanyeTravel.com. It was summarily voted the worst line extension of 2008. Undeterred, West is now launching an energy drink in conjunction with Guru Beverage Co. He says in a statement: "I express myself through music, fashion, art and design, and that's why I am excited to collaborate with Guru; because the brand values what I value and I can put what inspires me into this product." He joins fellow hip-hop stars Ice-T, who launched Royal Ice Malt Liquor, and the slightly more successful Crunk energy drink from Lil' Jon.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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