Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera shines in latest Kahlua ads

By Todd Wasserman on Tue Nov 9 2010

There were a couple of things I didn't know about Kahlua before this campaign from TBWA\Chiat\Day: 1) It's from Mexico, and 2) It has a sense of humor. The new ads feature Ana de la Reguera, a "prominent Mexican actress," according to the press release, who, as it happens, looks a lot like Penelope Cruz. Bringing a bit of Old Spice-style absurdism to the proceedings, de la Reguera takes aim, like that old Saturday Night Live "Nicaragua" skit, at Spanish over-pronunciation. Thus, Robert is Roberto!, shoes are zapatos!, and Kahlua is deliciouso! Another ad (posted after the jump) notes that in Mexico, they often combine things that don't go together, "like this couch in this field" or a boombox that also makes toast. Silly. I don't know how much Kahlua this will sell, but it did sell me on de la Reguera, who looks like she'd be hilarious in a Naked Gun-type farce, especially after you've had a few Kahluas.

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