Rain or shine, July 4 is always better with many shots of tequila

Posted on Thu Jul 2 2009


The nerds at The Weather Channel have finally decided to call on the party folks at Jose Cuervo to show them how to have a good time. The tequila brand is sponsoring a special section over at Weather.com devoted to Independence Day in all its glory, from picnics and firework to up-to-date weather forecasts. What would a combo TWC/Cuervo July 4 barbecue actually look like? Allow me to speculate. On one side of the yard, the runny noses, thick glasses, spin-top hats of the weather team, who are playing chess, exchanging safety tips, and conducting experiments on the barbeque sauce. On the other side of the lawn: party animals sharing cocktail mixes and chatting up girls in bikinis. Could the celebration of our nation's independence unite these groups? Can geek and bro just get along? Only time will tell.

—Posted by Allison Shafir



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