Jones Soda's holiday drinks go from gross and fun to just boring

Posted on Tue Nov 10 2009


Tofurky and gravy soda for the holidays. This is the latest in Jones Soda's annual tradition of offering vile-sounding flavors for a limited time only. Past years have included not only Christmas ham soda but also Christmas tree soda. In honor of Channukah, it has offered latke soda, and for all of the holidays there was antacid soda. Still, it seems like Jones Soda is running out of ideas. Last year, they rehashed some of their greatest hits rather than come up with new flavors. And this year, they basically just riffed off of turkey and gravy soda, which they already did. Plus, rather than offer a set of different flavors, they went with just one (you get three bottles of tofurky and gravy soda, why?) and three regular flavors from its new Zilch sugar-free line. I suspect they miss the creativity of former CEO Peter van Stolk, who once proudly introduced, to a ballroom of beverage executives, his newest creation, "Dave." The hemp-laden soda has "a dime bag" in every bottle, he said proudly. Maybe the new regime at Jones Soda also needs to look to marijuana for some inspiration.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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