Jimmy John's delivers in a flash, particularly to college students

Posted on Mon Oct 12 2009

Flashing on college campuses is like, so prohibited, but it's all good when it's Jimmy John's doing it. The sandwich chain, known for its "damn good," "damn fast" food, "flashed" students on campus at the University of Missouri recently. The 26-year-old brand put up "Get flashed!" wild postings and chalkings around campus, and drew lots of students to specified date, time and place. Instead of getting flashed by some drunken moron, the crowd was greeted with a Jimmy John's jeep delivering rock music, hundreds of free sandwiches and "Get flashed!" T-shirts. The company used Facebook and Twitter to post tips about where the next "Flash" event was. (Free food is apparently a good way to get 244,483 Facebook friends.) Jimmy John's repeated the stunt during the University of Minnesota's Homecoming Week, and it may soon be coming to a campus near you. The brand also has a bunch of goofy new TV spots, like the one shown here, in which people in time-sensitive crises still have time to order a Jimmy John's sub.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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