Expect more cameos from advertisers on Jimmy Fallon's show

Posted on Wed Mar 4 2009

Actor, producer and multi-Grammy-winning performer Justin Timberlake might not consider singing a jingle for Bud Light Lime. Not as himself, anyway. But as Michael McDonald? He did it on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (at about the 6:50 mark of this video) and got chuckles for his decent impersonation of the former Doobie Brother. But there was a business purpose, too. It kicked off a product integration deal between the chat show and the brand, which is sponsoring the green room backstage.
  Was the placement awkward? No more so than the rest of the well rated though somewhat painful show, in which Saturday Night Live alum Fallon is obviously trying to get his hosting sea legs under him. He said Timberlake would charge "a hundred and fifty thousand million trillion dollars" to record a ditty for Bud Light Lime but asked him to improv a song as McDonald. Timberlake obliged.
  Before the show launched, NBC late-night exec Rick Ludwin said it could be a showcase for product placement and live commercials, up to a point. "I don't think you'll be seeing 'the Jimmy Fallon show brought to you by Sunkist,' " he said.

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