Jim Beam wants all the offensive 'Girlfriend' videos you've got

Posted on Wed Jan 21 2009

Remember this Jim Beam ad, "Girlfriend," from a couple of years ago, which showed a buxom woman talking like zeese and saying she didn't mind if her man was "a leetle fat" and went  to the "streeptease"? Jim Beam marketers said it was all in good fun—an idealization of a male fantasy—but that didn't stop some from calling it misogynistic. Whatever the case, it got the brand a lot of attention. Now, the spirits maker is asking consumers to make their own "Girlfriend" videos and plans to award $25,000 to the maker of the best one.
  As usual, though the subject matter would seem to interest those in their late teens, you have to prove you're 21 to log on to the site. Or at least, lie about it.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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