JetBlue harasses folks on the ground, promises not to in the air

By Elena Malykhina on Fri Oct 15 2010

JetBlue is on cloud nine this week. With creative juices flowing thanks to its new agency Mullen, the carrier has debuted videos on YouTube that show how silly typical airline rules would seem on the ground. In this video, dubbed "Glass Half Full," a New York City street vendor tries to sell half a can of soda in a plastic cup with ice to customers. Expecting a full, unopened can, the pedestrians (who were captured on a hidden camera) express their dissatisfaction. One woman goes so far as to ask if there's something mentally wrong with the vendor. The point of the video? To show that while this stuff might be the norm for airlines, they don't fly on the ground. JetBlue slots the promotional message in at the end: "Get the whole can of soda and free unlimited brand-name snacks." The campaign is Mullen's first work for JetBlue, and includes other videos that show more ridiculous scenarios. See those after the jump.

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JetBlue gets groove back with Sarah McLachlan concert at JFK

By T.L. Stanley on Thu Jul 22 2010


It's a summer of discontent for the live-music business, with major acts shortening their tours or canceling appearances altogether while consumers balk at pricey tickets. But here's one show that won't strain a fan's pocketbook. Sarah McLachlan is playing for free next week at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport as part of JetBlue's ongoing entertain-the-travelers program. (The catch is you have to be flying the discount airline through its T5 terminal at JFK next Thursday or win tickets through Facebook.) McLachlan has a new record out, Laws of Illusion, and her Lilith Fair festival to promote, so the added exposure couldn't hurt. (Lilith Fair canceled 10 of its planned tour dates because of poor ticket sales.) JetBlue will also hype the singer/songwriter across its marketing channels, including in-flight entertainment and social media. The concert program, via Superfly Marketing Group, started last summer with a dozen emerging bands playing T5. Expect more of these kinds of partnerships, with hip marketers latching onto musical artists for entertainment in unexpected places, and performers looking for credible (preferably media-worthy) ways to be heard.

JetBlue suggests luggage shirts to those who fly Spirit Airlines

Posted on Thu Apr 8 2010


Someone at JetBlue is in a bitchy mood. After Spirit Airlines announced that it will start charging for carry-on luggage on Aug. 1, JetBlue used its "Blue Tales" blog as a platform to drop some cyber-noogies on its rival. The blog pointed to Spirit's press release and then noted: "In case you were wondering, JetBlue will continue to offer a free first checked bag, not to mention that you can bring your Mickey Mouse ears, your magazine collection, your favorite wrinkle-free slacks, and your lunch onboard." To drive the point home, JetBlue exhumed its Extrago Sherpa Shirt, an item that holds "an entire trip's worth of necessities, including the $20 you'll save by not checking a bag," as an alternative for people who fly airlines like Spirit. Since the Sherpa Shirt made its debut a few months ago, there has apparently been some consumer interest in the garment, which resembles the suit that the Tin Man wore in The Wizard of Oz if it were designed by Samsonite. Sadly, the Sherpa Shirt isn't for sale.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Michael Moore does unlikely charity work in teaser for next film

Posted on Wed Jun 17 2009

Even right-wing haters might (might) get a kick out of this trailer for Michael Moore's upcoming movie, which is known as the "Untitled Michael Moore Project," per IMDB. The promo comes on like a pitch for one of those Will Rogers charities, and Moore appears to be using his allotted time for philanthropic reasons. "Instead of taking this time to tell you about my new movie, I'd like to ask you to take a moment to join me in helping our fellow Americans," says Moore, who advises viewers to watch for ushers coming down the aisle taking donations. Those Americans, of course, turn out to be the CEOs of Citibank, Bank of America, AIG, etc. "I know what you're thinking," says Moore. "I already gave in the bailout ... but give some more. It'll make you feel ... good." Such CEOs are a popular target these days, of course, even among some on the right. Still, JetBlue got there first and was funnier. Maybe Moore is losing his touch now that the Democrats are in power?

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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