Jell-O to get its wiggly and jiggly groove back in new campaign

Posted on Mon May 17 2010

Any ad campaign that conjures a Fat Albert memory is starting out on the right foot. And there's even more nostalgia in the new full-court press for Kraft's iconic wiggly dessert, Jell-O. Legendary pitchman Bill Cosby is back, as are his interviews with children, à la Kids Say the Darndest Things. This time they're on the Web in 10-minute Jell-O-sponsored vignettes called "OBKB," which takes its name from the way Mush Mouth said "OK" on Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. There's a lot going on with this effort, including a Facebook page, a new logo and jingle, FSIs and TV, print, outdoor and in-store ads. A highlight has to be a national contest to find the best giggle (to be judged, ultimately, by Cosby and included in a national TV spot). There's a cross-country tour via a tricked-out mobile recording studio, where folks in 22 cities will be able to compete for the best giggle (entries accepted online, too). Is snorting allowed? Kraft certainly isn't the first marketer to go the happiness route to sell its products in these recession-racked, frowny times. But even cynics might have to admit this is just plain fun.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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