Random building in Japan looks just like PlayStation 3 console

By David Kiefaber on Mon Aug 9 2010


The Namba Parks building, an office/shopping complex/rooftop park in Osaka, Japan, can't exactly lay claim to much Western press attention. Until now, anyway. After four years, people are finally noticing that the multi-story complex looks eerily like the original PlayStation 3 console. The Sun notes that Namba Parks predates Sony's finicky magic box by three years, so it's not like they had that look in mind when they built it. And we're guessing Sony didn't look to Namba for inspiration either, so the whole thing is probably just a weird coincidence. Less coincidental is the building's sudden fame, which parallels the PS3's hard-drive upgrades in making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Any excuse to rag on Sony is a good one for some people, and the "PS3 Towers" just happened to be available. The next time something goes wrong, it might be this Shanghai building's turn in the spotlight.



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