You don't have to risk your life for that free Wi-Fi, say Qwest ads

Posted on Thu May 21 2009


Sure, it's wonderful to get Wi-Fi access, but is it worth risking death for it? Not really, but Qwest is exaggerating to make a point. The new ads "Lab" and "Birthing Room" from Draftfcb (the second row of ads on that page) show slacker-ish twentysomething guys going to strange places to get their fix. In one case, it appears a guy has even gone to a lab where everyone else wears hazmat suits and "biohazard" signs adorn the walls. "Where's your protective gear?" one hazmat guy asks the laptop-sporting slacker, who is sipping a Slurpee-like drink and is resting his feet on a desk. "Oh, I'm just using your Wi-Fi," he says. Pause. "It's hot in here." Another guy takes a less dangerous route by crashing a Lamaze class, though the teacher looks ready to put the hurt on him. The ads get the point across for sure, and even score some points for being a bit edgy (wonder if they were shot before the swine flu hit)? The next round should have guys looking for Wi-Fi at Guantanamo Bay, Iraq or on a Somali pirate ship.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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