Isotoner introduces smart-screen-enabled winter gloves

By Todd Wasserman on Thu Oct 28 2010

While 1 billion or so people around the world are still struggling with daily subsistence, in America we have our own problems. Like isn't it a bitch when you're driving around in your car and it's cold so you still have your gloves on, but then you can't activate your GPS touchscreen? Or if you're outside during the winter and want to use your iPhone? Luckily, Isotoner has come to the rescue with Isotoner's smarTouch gloves, which not only keep your hands warm, but can still use those touchscreens, thanks to a conductive thread on the glove's index finger and glove. A two-minute film from Empower MediaMarketing makes the case, and it is a compelling one, particularly for those who dream of taking their iPad with them for that dead time on the ski lift.



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