Homemade iPad video allows the device to be fun, not just cool

By David Kiefaber on Tue Sep 28 2010

Apple's marketing concept for the iPad thus far has relied on two concepts: a) that a simple demonstration of the product will sell it, given Apple's strong brand presence, and b) that a high-pitched audio frequency can drive college students and yuppies insane with capitalistic desire. Well, that second bit is pure speculation, but it's true that Apple is relying on faith in its product lineup as a whole to sell this new addition to it. God knows, selling iPads on their own merits ("It's a big iPhone that doesn't make calls, and none of the apps carry over!") would be an uphill challenge. But videos like the one above demonstrate a different side to the iPad, one that suggests Apple products are as fun as they are cool. It's an angle that Apple should foster. Its "Mac v. PC" series, while popular, became insipid enough to trigger a backlash, so its aren't-we-clever promotional attitude has clearly run its course. And it can't coast on reputation forever, cult of personality or not. So, the idea that its products are fun and inspire, as well as facilitate, creativity—touched on in past campaigns, but always trumped by the "cool" factor—might be a good approach to keep them distinct from competitors who mostly focus on productivity.



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