Why the long face? Oh, it's because you don't have Boost Mobile

Posted on Mon May 10 2010

They weren't kidding. The guy in this Boost Mobile commercial from iNSPIRE! certainly has a long face. The distressed gentleman is seen staring into his coffee at a diner, and boy is his face long! (A mother and daughter sitting nearby are so aghast that the child lets go of her balloon and it floats up.) When a waitress asks the guy if it's because of the coffee, he replies: "Oh, no. I'm always like this because of my wireless service's terrible signal. I have tons of dropped calls." The waitress, it turns out, used to have a long face, too—until she switched to Boost Mobile. iNSPIRE! says more iterations of the campaign are on the way, including one that portrays a mad face. Wonder what that one will look like.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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