Hyundai shows off plenty of star power with its eight Oscars ads

Posted on Mon Mar 8 2010

Those wacky, discombobulated, daredevil kids. They're kind of funny if you don't have to share the road with them, or use a shotgun to keep them off your lawn. Hyundai, one of the advertising stars of Sunday night's Oscar telecast, reminded all us old people just how frightening it is that 3 million young adults will get their driver's licenses this year. Message: Don't you need a safer car? Hearing that stat makes me want a tank, actually. Thanks for reminding us just how insane the highways will become with that many more teenagers simultaneously sexting, IM-ing and motoring. Fear as motivator—effective! The spot, one of eight from the Korean car maker that aired during the broadcast, used Richard Dreyfuss as the voiceover talent, since arcane Academy rules made Hyundai drop its longtime spokesman Jeff Bridges, an Oscar nominee, from ads airing during the show. Other celebs filled in on other spots. Never mind. Bridges had a pretty good night anyway.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Hyundai will do anything to help you, short of wiping your butt

Posted on Fri May 22 2009

Desperate times call for desperate measures—a cliché that comes to life in this Hyundai spoof. The video starts off like a typical car commercial with the narrator posing the question: "In times like these, buying a new car is a big commitment for most people, so what about the company that's selling it to you? How committed are they?" The video then introduces the Hyundai Assurance, an actual deal offered by the car maker that allows consumers to return a vehicle if they can't pay for it due to job loss or disability. That's when things get really desperate—both for Hyundai and for the consumer—as both the customer problems and company incentives get more and more outlandish. With auto companies desperately trying to stay afloat, I wouldn't be surprised if they started offering some of these incentives to consumers. Now I regret selling my Hyundai Elantra last month, 'cause I could really go for a free Denny's breakfast.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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