New Yorkers more subdued than usual in HSBC's soapbox clips

Posted on Tue Aug 18 2009

We mentioned HSBC's soapbox outdoor/experiential event when it was held in New York last month. Now, footage from the event has been cut into videos. The idea of the event was to literally give New Yorkers a platform for their views—on work, family, technology and, in the video shown here, immigration. The "Different values" campaign, by JWT in New York and London, acknowledges that "we all look at things from different angles," and by hearing each other out, "we can all make the world a better place." The consumers' views on immigration, an often ugly topic, aren't exactly controversial—but this is an ad, so what do you expect? In the jobs video, one woman says, "There are only two kinds of jobs worth having: a job that you love, or a job that lets you do the things you love." In this economy? Any job might be worth cherishing, no?

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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