Method takes on the 800-pound gorilla in the fabric-care category

Posted on Thu Feb 4 2010


Method is taking aim at the big jugs in the laundry world with a print and digital campaign for its new "smartclean technology" pump-bottle detergent. The concept, developed in conjunction with ad agency Droga5 (yes, the same agency that created the super-viral "Shiny Suds" ad that Method then pulled), is that using bottled laundry detergent is the old and "wasteful" way of cleaning clothes. The company says you can clean 50 loads with its small bottle, featuring a high-powered, plant-based formula that uses 95 percent natural and renewable ingredients. "Say no to jugs" and enjoy "a jug-free America," read some of the Method's advertising lines. The goal is to shake up the way consumers have been doing laundry for years, says Method vp of brand experience Matthew Loyd. "We've been all buying laundry detergent on autopilot for decades," he says. "What we're offering is more than a revolutionary laundry experience. We are delivering a super powerful and concentrated detergent that is a replacement to the outdated, wasteful jug." Are you listening, Procter & Gamble? This is detergent war!

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Downy's radical microsite wants you to connect with old friends

Posted on Mon Mar 2 2009


This is going to be big: a Web site where you network with people in a social manner. You might even call it a social network. Whatever it is, the Procter & Gamble fabric softener Downy is pioneering this newfangled form of communication with the "Downy: Feel More Connected" site.
  The goal of the site is for you to make a public pledge, New Year's resolution-style, to communicate with someone you've been neglecting. It's a place to "pledge to feel more connected to those you love." Be aware, though: It doesn't pick up the phone for you, or even ping that loved one with an e-mail. There's a contest, though, that could send you and your reacquainted friends on vacation together or win you some other swag. Judging from some of the early pledges (187 so far), not everyone seems to get the gist. One person's pledge is "to nap more often," and another says she will "take more walks," presumably with the dog in the photo next to her. Still, even if you're not trying to reach out to anyone but yourself or your household pet, there might be a digital camera in it for you.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Hefty the latest brand to dig an old ad slogan out of the trash

Posted on Wed Feb 18 2009


Last night during American Idol, Hefty showed off its new Odor Block trash bags using an old advertising strategy. It brought back the familiar refrain, "Hefty, hefty, hefty." The company is just the latest to dust off an old tagline. Burger King currently let's you "Have it your way" again. Miller Lite returned to its "Tastes great. Less filling" claim. And Diet Coke brought back its original tagline, "Just for the taste of it." The only difference with Hefty's "new" ads is that this time, instead of accusing other bags of being "wimpy, wimpy, wimpy," it accuses your trash can of being "stinky, stinky, stinky" to prove a point about its Odor Block bags. Which makes me wonder: Do people really need smell-repellent in their trash cans? Just take out the trash before you go to bed, you lazy bastards.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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