Crazy people would be less crazy if they ate more Hormel foods

Posted on Wed Feb 10 2010


These three spots for Hormel Foods from BBDO Minneapolis had us falling off our chair. In the first ad, a man explains to his curious neighbor why his house and yard are overgrown with weeds, a goat is eating grass off the roof and his wife is standing naked behind some gardening equipment. (With Hormel, you don't have to "go all out to go all natural.") In the second spot, a father decides it's a brilliant idea to have remote-control toys serve his family dinner. (It's not such a great idea after all.) And in the third ad, a time-starved office worker races down street to buy lunch, only to slam into and roll over a car on way back. (His female colleague much more calmly microwaves some Hormel Compleats.) The campaign is part of the client's "Life better served" effort, which aims to get consumers thinking of the company's entire Hormel-branded portfolio.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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