Subway's big Rangers ad gets chilly reception from hockey fans

Posted on Mon Apr 13 2009

Subway is no stranger to over-the-top product placements. Many of the reviews of Adam Sandler's 1996 golf comedy Happy Gilmore noted the presence of the sandwich chain's logo, which is so ubiquitous in the movie that cable companies rebroadcasting it often blur it out. Subway's latest gambit is also sports-related, and fans aren't happy. Earlier this month, the New York Rangers began running a huge, superimposed CGI Subway logo on the glass boards behind the goal. According to Puck Daddy, a Yahoo! Sports blog, the "backlash was immediate," and one fan proposed a write-in campaign to abolish the logo. That fan has a point, because the logo is arguably more intrusive than standard signage at a game. This highlight clip of the April 7 Rangers-Canadiens game, for instance, makes you think you're seeing things because sometimes the logo is there (at 2:30, for instance), sometimes it's not. Which is quite a hat trick.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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