Beer and sausage: good on their own, so much better together

Posted on Tue Apr 7 2009


Mmm. Beer sausage. Apparently the only thing better than eating some sausage and then swigging a beer is putting the beer inside the sausage. At least, this is the premise behind Hillshire Farms' new Miller High Life Beer Brats. The product, announced on Monday, "contains the delicious flavor of brats cooked in beer ... prepared in only a fraction of the time," according to the company's press release, titled "B.Y.O.B." ("Bring your own brat"). The beer brat and the new hot-and-spicy Italian-style sausage will be featured in a new TV commercial in May, and at, which offers recipes from Mama's kitchen and $5 off DVD coupons. They will also be featured as part of the Char-Broil Tour. The company will also be hitting sports festivals and events through November with cooking tips and free samples. The sausages better be careful in Milwaukee, though, where there is a history of violence directed at spicy meats.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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