Hewlett-Packard pitches the Slate ... the tablet that isn't the iPad

Posted on Wed Apr 7 2010

Hewlett-Packard wants you to know that the iPad isn't the only tablet device out there. Concurrent with Apple's release, HP has rolled out this 30-second demo showing all the cool stuff it's Slate gizmo does. As the Silicon Alley Insider notes, this HP blog post doesn't directly mention Apple but implicitly criticizes the iPad by highlighting Slate features that the iPad lacks, like Adobe Flash and Air support and an implanted camera. The Slate is likely to be priced at $549, more expensive than the cheapest iPad (which is $499). HP, which once licensed Apple's iPod, clearly has its work cut out for it, but it's clear that the industry is no longer flat-footed when confronted by Apple's new high-profile releases.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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