Wait no longer to pay an arm and a leg for a Hermès Birkin bag

Posted on Tue Apr 27 2010


Listen to this news and try not to get positively giddy: There's no more waiting list for a Hermès Birkin bag. Yippee for celebrities (who probably didn't have to wait for the grossly overpriced satchels anyway) and insanely rich folks (who have made this brand so coveted that people actually fight to spend upwards of $120,000. On. A. Purse!). Obviously, I'm not the demo, and I've never understood the appeal of an accessory like this, especially at jaw-dropping price points that start at more than $6,500. Waiting lists populated by those with money to burn were either legendary (if you were on one) or ridiculous (if you weren't). New York magazine's The Cut blog sums up the situation by saying that though the purse is "still crazily expensive, it's not crazily exclusive." Mere mortals can have one, too! Never mind the house payment. Now, considering the carefully cultivated image of the "it" bag, is this good for the brand? Maybe the next move will be a surprise "shortage" before a lot of commoners find their way to Portero.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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