Marketers settle with Hell's Angels over use of 'death head' logo

By T.L. Stanley on Mon Nov 8 2010


I don't know what it takes to get into the Hells Angels (do I even want to?), but one thing's for sure: Buying a pricey clutch purse or pashmina from Saks Fifth Avenue does not make you part of the club. BrandFreak recently wrote about a lawsuit filed by the outlaw biker gang against Alexander McQueen, Saks and for copyright infringement. It seems the trio have been selling jewelry, dresses and other fashionable goodies embellished with the "death head" skull logo. That's a no-no, says the Angels' lawyer, because it's a protected trademark, one that the members-only motorcycle gang has been using for decades. The three marketers, perhaps realizing they'd pissed off some big bruisers, settled the case immediately by pulling all of the merchandise and recalling any that's already been sold. (Guess those pieces will be collector's items soon, though who'd have the guts to wear them?) It's a matter of exclusivity, says Angles attorney Fritz Clapp, where membership means more than "someone who bought a $495 ring." Upper East Siders, you'll have to get your rough-and-tumble fix elsewhere.



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