Lady Gaga gets all dolled up for the Hello Kitty 35th anniversary

By Elaine Wong on Thu Jul 15 2010


Lady Gaga continues to impress us with her costume changes. In this new photo, posted on her Web site, the pop star is clad only in (ta-da!) Hello Kitties—for a shoot celebrating the 35th anniversary campaign of the character. Leave it up to Gaga and her costume crew to think of something like this. My sister, for one, is a big Hello Kitty/Sanrio fan, and it was via her Facebook feed that we first came across this. What next for Lady Gaga and her mind-boggling wardrobe changes? (Hey, as long as they don't "malfunction," we're fine.) This one's simply Gagalicious, to quote a term in the latest Cramer-Krasselt Cultural Dictionary.

Refusing to die, the Hello Kitty brand makes its way to motor oil

Posted on Tue Jun 22 2010


According to some, the Hello Kitty phenomenon has run its course. Over the course of 36 years, owner Sanrio has put the HK image on everything from kitchenware to an Airbus plane. But how about engine oil? A company called Agip thought it was worth a shot. Why not? It just might make your engine purr.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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