Unilever urges Canada to think about where its food comes from

Posted on Thu Jul 30 2009

As part of its "Eat real. Eat local" campaign in Canada, the Unilever mayonnaise brand Hellmann's is running ads that make the citizens up north wonder how far their food travels to get to their dinner tables. Foods like cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers, which Canadians can grow in their own backyards, actually travel many miles over land, air and sea, and are hardly fresh by the time they're eaten, according to the ad above, from Sons And Daughters director Steve Gordon and production company Crush in Toronto. Case in point: "In 2004, Alberta imported over $170 million worth of fresh vegetables. Their exports? $400,000." And for every pear they ship out, 700 come in. Whole Foods mulled doing something similar, via Twitter earlier this month. All this emphasis on local sourcing and food miles might have to do with the fact that the Obamas have their own vegetable garden. So, go plant one!

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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