Heinz ketchup bottle is the rhythmic star of German commercial

Posted on Thu Jun 18 2009

In 2004, Malcolm Gladwell wrote an article for The New Yorker that profiled an entrepreneur trying to break into the ketchup market. The article concluded by surmising that ketchup is one of those products that can't really be improved—people like it the way it is. While that may be true of the condiment itself, there's plenty you can do with the ketchup bottle, as this Heinz ad from Germany demonstrates. For instance, they make great percussive devices, which can be punctuated by the occasional squirt. And you can also blow into them and stuff. It's a strange pitch for a well-known product, and I'm not sure having this hairy guy pawing and putting his mouth all over the product makes it more appetizing. But then again, as Gladwell demonstrated, nothing will. 

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Campbell also picking an ad fight with Heinz over pasta sauce

Posted on Thu Jan 8 2009

Campbell Soup Co. hates everyone.
  Already engaged in a soup battle with General Mills' Progresso, Campbell is moving on to pasta sauces—and wants to rough up Heinz's Classico first. The TV spot shown here for Campbell's Prego, from Young & Rubicam, New York, depicts a glass jar of Classico cooking in a saucepan. The point being, premium brands like Classico are all about the looks, while Prego is all about the taste. ("Take away the bottle, and taste to taste, Prego wins," says Campbell rep John Faulkner.)
  Heinz no doubt has taken notice, and is running ads like this one in Good Housekeeping and Ladies' Home Journal, touting the freshness of Classico. "We make it like you'd make it," reads the copy, via Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago. The effort, which includes banner ads, celebrates the "all-natural quality ingredients we use in Classico pasta sauce," Heinz rep Tracey Parsons tells us.
  Prego's chief rival, Unilever's Ragu, meanwhile is keeping its cool for now—extending a value-themed campaign launched last year from Ogilvy & Mather, New York, that highlights Ragu's ability to "feed a family of four for less than four dollars."
  Who will take the initiative and be the next to splatter his rival with thick red sauce?

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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