Give the gift of oblivion this dreary, recessionary holiday season

Posted on Mon Aug 17 2009


Nothing says "Happy holidays" like a frosty six-pack—self-stick red bow optional. Heineken knows there are parties happening around year's end, with opportunities to hawk premium beer. But since the Great Recession could stunt the merrymaking, the marketer also is touting its green-bottle product as a gift that could be as welcome under the tree as a reconditioned iPhone (don't drink and dial!). In November and December, Heineken is planning special displays and discounts at retail under the tagline, "Give in good taste." Message: direct. Timing: impeccable. With so few ducats in so many consumers' pocketbooks, buying one more sweater or tie makes no sense when all Uncle Joe really wants is an adult beverage. On second though, make that a keg.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Heineken's cabbie the first ever to enjoy carload of singing kids

Posted on Tue Apr 28 2009

Lest you think Heineken doesn't care about the safety of its consumers, it occasionally comes out with spots like this one from Wieden + Kennedy, wherein a carload of attractive drunks have the foresight to take a cab home. Not only that, they found a cabbie who speaks English and doesn't mind their impromptu karaoke session in the backseat. Yeah, right. The tagline is, "Let a stranger take you home," which is cute but not an effective separation from the brewer's normal marketing fare. Put another way, months of "whoooo beer!" advertising aren't magically negated by one "Well, at least they aren't driving" message from the same company.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

Heineken's ads becoming a lot funnier than Bud and Bud Light's

Posted on Thu Apr 2 2009

When it comes to laugh-out-loud TV commercials, Budweiser and Bud Light get all the props. But one beer brand that's stepped up its game, though it often goes unnoticed, is Heineken. The slightly skunky-tasting import dropped the pretentious act a number of years ago and has positioned itself as an everyman's beer—albeit a superior one. (It even got Zoolander into the act.) Its latest ad in heavy rotation shows women getting excited about a closet full of shoes, only to be drowned out by men screaming about a closet full of beer. The spot surely looks like a page torn out of the Bud playbook, but frankly it's a hell of a lot funnier than any of the aimless "Drinkability" ads that Bud Light has been airing. Still, neither Bud nor Heineken created the best beer ad of all time. That honor goes to Guinness.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

New Heineken commercial with John Turturro is out of this world

Posted on Wed Jan 21 2009

That's one funky club in this latest Heinken ad from Wieden + Kennedy, starring John Turturro. While the actor dispenses tongue-twisting wisdom ("He who wanders with purpose has no purpose to wander"), the viewer gets glimpses of the club's multiple levels and spherical suspended objects that look like small planets. Why, it almost looks otherwordly. … Maybe that's because it's not a club at all, but the Rose Center for Earth and Space, a wing of the Museum of Natural History in New York. The room, an extensive reworking of the Hadyn Planetarium that reopened in 2000, is easy enough to spot, as it features a seven-story glass cube and Epcot-like Hadyn Sphere. And those objects are planets—well, models of them. But if you're thinking this place would still make for a cool club, you're not alone. "Yes, the Rose Center can be used for parties and such," Steve Reichl, a rep for the museum, tells BrandFreak. But as Turturro himself notes, "No destination is the destination of the undestinated."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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