Electronic Arts finds a world of fighters for new MMA video game

By T.L. Stanley on Mon Nov 8 2010

If a marketer doesn't have the coveted and lucrative UFC license for a video game, what's the best way to draw attention to a new title? Go global. That's the approach, anyway, taken by EA Sports and its agency, Heat in San Francisco. Using bits of judo from Japan, jiu-jitsu from Brazil, Muay Thai kickboxing from Thailand and boxing from the U.S., the game maker will try to draw grappling fans to the generic-sounding EA Sports MMA. (Mixed martial arts is a mashup of all those fighting styles.) The campaign launches in two weeks with TV and online in Europe and the U.S. on channels like ESPN, Spike and TNT. There's also branded entertainment called "The Sherdog MMA Fighter Exchange," which pits four young fighters in bouts that will stream online; fans can also watch behind-the-scenes action and international training via a partnership between EA Sports, Web site Sherdog.com and the Strikeforce fighting league.

EA's 'Skate 3' commercial cries out for cameo by William Wallace

Posted on Wed May 12 2010

EA Games has gone tribal in an ad campaign for Skate 3, its new Xbox and PlayStation game that's only tangentially like Braveheart. But equating the two makes for a spiffy commercial, where competitive skateboarding comes close to clan warfare. Hey, is that a horse on a halfpipe? The campaign, from Heat in San Francisco, is aimed at young male gamers who are apt to be more interested in the action-sports title if they see its team play in action, the agency said. The bull's-eye target, skaters, might like the medieval theme (especially the slow-mo mass charge across the "battlefield" at the end). The ad aired as part of a one-day takeover Tuesday on gaming sites like IGN and GameSpot. TV breaks this month on cable networks like MTV, Comedy Central, G4, Adult Swim and Spike.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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