Michael Jordan and that damn mustache return for Hanes

By Todd Wasserman on Wed Jul 28 2010

This latest ad for Hanes starts out promising. A seatmate of Michael Jordan's addresses the NBA legend with a peeve about previous commercials for the underwear maker: "Mike, I've got a little constructive criticism for you. There's one thing I don't like about your commercials..." Now, I know what your thinking. They're finally going to address that Hitler mustache. But no, it turns out to be a dumb rant on another topic. And Jordan is still sporting that 'stache. I realize that he probably shot a series of ads in one day, but couldn't they erase it with CGI? Meanwhile, we'll all keep speculating on why the world's most beloved basketball player continues to offer a furry homage to the world's worst dictator. Best theory: He lost a bet with Charles Barkley.

Champion, Duofold to outfit Canadian climber for Mount Everest

Posted on Thu Sep 24 2009


Hanesbrands Inc. wants to prove to consumers that its performance apparel can withstand marketing claims. The apparel maker is running a campaign for its Champion and Duofold brands that has Canadian mountaineer Jamie Clarke climbing Mount Everest in its gear. (We hope that Clarke can withstand the cold and extreme terrain when attempting his feat next spring. He is a "three time Mount Everest explorer," so he probably can.) In January, Hanesbrand will debut a new "summit suit," which the company says "will keep Clarke warm and mobile in the high winds and severe cold" during his journey. Hanesbrands has also launched a Web site, ClimbEverestWithUs.com, for those who wish to watch (and follow). Visitors can "declare their own personal Everest" for a chance to win $10,000. With that kind of cash, you don't need to climb the world's highest mountain to be on cloud nine.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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