H2O bottled water more than happy to help quench koala's thirst

Posted on Thu Feb 12 2009

Talk about hero placement. A volunteer firefighter saving an adorable, injured koala during devastating brush fires in southern Australia pulls out a bottle of H2O brand water and feeds it to the parched animal. And he even gives the brand a little plug as the exhausted koala downs bottle after bottle. "H2O. Pure natural spring water," says rescuer David Tree. "He just can't get enough of it."
  Turns out he's a she, now named Sam and recovering at a wildlife shelter from burns on her paws. The exchange between the sweet-faced bear and her savior were captured on video and in photographs being distributed worldwide. If Sam and Tree aren't the new faces of H20, let's just say that's a missed opportunity.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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