Greenpeace makes peace with K-C over plush toilet paper

Posted on Fri Sep 25 2009


The less time I spend thinking about the American consumer's butt the better, though there's a TP war going on that's just too good to sit out, so to speak. The battle is between environmentalists who say we should be more like Europeans and, you know, rough it with toilet paper made from recycled materials, and U.S. marketers who keep pushing the multi-ply, quilted, silky soft stuff. They say we demand it; I blame those really cute animated Charmin bears. (The fluffiest paper comes from the oldest trees, apparently, and hacking them down for our momentary comfort is as Earth-friendly as driving a Hummer, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council). After a years long relentless push, Greenpeace has come to an agreement with Kimberly-Clark Corp. that has the maker of Kleenex and Cottonelle culling 40 percent of the fibers used in its tissue products from recycled paper or sustainable forests by 2011, reports the L.A. Times. In return, Greenpeace will stop flinging figurative pooh at the company.  Bathroom habits -- not the most appetizing subject -- but chances are we haven't heard the end of this debate.

—T.L. Stanley

Greenpeace makes up with Kimberly-Clark, releases sappy video

Posted on Mon Aug 17 2009

Greenpeace has been railing against Kimberly-Clark for years, accusing the paper products giant of cutting down the world's trees to make its signature tissue brand Kleenex. Its efforts included ads like this one, a spoof of K-C's "It Feels Good to Feel" commercial, set against an annoying backdrop of bell-chiming music. Now, the two are buddy-buddy, as Greenpeace has dropped its "Kleercut" commercials in support of K-C's "stronger fiber sourcing standards." To celebrate, Greenpeace has created the lover's apology spot shown here, with a man in front of his bathroom mirror making up to his "Kimberly" by reminiscing about all their ups and downs. (Yes, "it all started on campus, all those years ago.") Turns out the Kimberly in question is the tissue box to his left, and instead of the grandiose, sweeping kiss that seals all great movies, the guy caresses a tissue to his face. Aw, we were hoping for some hot hippie-on-suit smooching.

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Greenpeace cuts Kimberly-Clark again with spoof Kleenex spot

Posted on Tue Apr 21 2009

It's like that game Simon Says. "Touch scale, touch shoe, touch breakfast, touch Metrocard, cash, touch up, touch up." Except don't touch the Kleenex. Why not? "By cutting down ancient forests, Kleenex comes with more than a feeling," this protest ad by environmental group Greenpeace asserts. The spot is a parody of Kimberly-Clark's "It feels good to feel" ad, which shows a woman touching various objects throughout her day but never really "feeling" until she grabs one of Kleenex's new, ultra-soft tissues. The Greenpeace ad ends with some annoying chiming music and the line, "Kimberly-Clark. Still cutting forests for Kleenex." And for emphasis, a scissor cuts through the word "forests." Yikes.

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Greenpeace suddenly wants you to be infected by toxic water

Posted on Fri Apr 10 2009


Want to be a homicidal maniac hopped up on biotoxins in an upcoming Hollywood horror flick? Who wouldn't? It'll cost you, via an eBay auction for a walk-on role, but the cash you fork over will go to a good cause: Greenpeace.
  The connection's a bit tenuous between the remake of the '70s George Romero cult classic The Crazies and the well-known environmental organization. See, the original movie centered on a biological weapons spill in small-town America, the effect it had on the townsfolk (really, really not good) and the military's (unsuccessful) attempts at containing it. The remake, starring Timothy Olyphant, involves a contaminated water supply. There's a stronger link, though, between the new film's producers and pro-social causes. Participant Media, which is producing with Overture Films, is home to a steady stream of message movies like Fast Food Nation, An Inconvenient Truth, Syriana and Standard Operating Procedure. The remake, directed by Breck Eisner, is one of the company's first forays into genre filmmaking.
  The winner of the eBay auction will travel to the Iowa shoot to play one of the infected residents, adding a conversation starter to the old résumé and earning some Earth-friendly karma points in the bargain.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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