Because Rizzo would want you to pay those bills anyway

Posted on Tue Jul 7 2009


So wait, is Grease cool again? It seems to resurface every couple of years, and now Styles Checks is launching personal checks, contact cards, and other stationery with a Pink Ladies theme (they were the cool girls in the movie, just in case you've ignored every revival thus far). Styles has a deal with Paramount Licensing, so maybe they'll have some fresher material later on down the road, but they could do worse than the musical, a cable mainstay. Releasing that stuff during an off-year is still a little strange though, and it screams "dollar store purchase," unless they'd like to turn other dated films into stationery to attract hipsters. Luckily, there's a rich crop of half-obscure bad movies from that era just waiting to be referenced. Hey, I'd use Connecting Rooms address labels with pride.

—Posted by David Kiefaber



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