Jordin Sparks heads up new interactive milk-mustache campaign

Posted on Thu Sep 24 2009


Soon, all the Jordin Sparks-loving teens of this world may be donning milk mustaches. That's because the former American Idol star has teamed up with the national "Got milk?" milk-mustache campaign for its latest twist on why milk is good for your body. The "Drink Milk for a Change" program, announced on Wednesday, donates $1 to VH1's Save the Music arts- and music-preservation program for every milk-mustache photo that teens create of themselves at

—Posted by Elaine Wong

7-Eleven among the advertisers salivating over new 'X-Men' film

Posted on Tue Mar 31 2009


The Blob can't just count on his thick hide to save him from Wolverine's razor-sharp claws. He needs liquid fortification ... from a giant Slurpee? It's a winking bit of product placement that fans will see in the upcoming summer tentpole X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with the villain chugging the popular 7-Eleven drink during a key scene. (He gets his blubbery butt kicked anyway). 
  The convenience-store chain will be an X-Men headquarters of sorts, with a new "mutant berry" Slurpee flavor, collectible Big Gulp cups and straws featuring the Marvel superheroes, an X-Treme Energy Cappuccino with Red Bull amounts of caffeine, and a stainless-steel mug with Wolverine's trademark slashes. The deal to hype the flick's May 1 release is part of a studio effort "to look at the property in a different way and challenge partners to do something unique that we haven't seen in the previous incarnations," says Rita Drucker, Fox's senior vp of feature film promotions. Wolverine is the fourth installment in the $1 billion-plus-grossing action-movie franchise.
  Other marketers jumping on the superhero bandwagon: Papa John's is offering a themed value meal and a coupon for the first three X-Men movies on Blu-Ray; the milk-moustache "Got milk?" campaign is using Wolverine as a strong-bones spokesman; and Schick Quattro Titanium trimmers and shavers are advertising him as an example of someone desperately in need of its products (he's a hairy dude!). Let the summer blockbuster season, and the brand tie-ins that love it, begin.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

As the rest of us get poorer, Suze Orman gets a whole lot richer

Posted on Wed Feb 25 2009


Suze Orman, who's in white-hot demand these days, walks a fine line when it comes to paid commercial endorsements. On the one hand, doing ads can create a perceived conflict of interest for someone who claims to offer independent financial advice. On the other hand, turning down ad opportunities is clearly a dumb financial move (at least in the short term), and she's supposed to be smarter than that.
  Her solution: She does what she thinks she can away with. That means no bank ads, but stuff like "Got milk?" is fine. Here's her page on the Web site. In the video, she says this about her sellout-ishness: "Here's what everybody needs to understand about me. I've been asked to do many ads. I've been asked to do many endorsements. And I very, very seldom say yes, because I would never lend my face and my beliefs to just anything. I would do it because I believed in it and I thought it was a great value. So today, as I sit here, I don't actually think about all the other celebrities that have done ['Got milk?'], and what it feels like to be one of them. I think about how important what I'm doing really is."

—Posted by Tim Nudd



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