Le Tigre ads continue to poke fun at golf's famous philanderer

Posted on Mon Apr 5 2010


As far as puns go, the Le Tigre billboards along the West Side Highway in New York have been fairly tame but still pointed squarely in the direction of philandering pro golfer Tiger Woods. They're more along the lines of "Heh, that's sort of funny" than "Oh, snap!" Still, you have to hand it to the marketer for its timeliness. The first campaign showed up in December with the tagline: "Golf needs a Tiger. Let's get back on course." It promised 20 percent of net profits from polo-shirt sales would go to TheFirstTee.org, a youth program that uses golf to build character. The latest ad, launching as Woods preps his return to the game at the Masters this week (sans Elin!) calls the brand "Golf's original Tiger. For those who play a round." Get it? The marketer's upping the ante this time, with 100 percent of polo-shirt proceeds going to help youngsters "get on course" and "stay on course." Probably a lot cheaper than rehab.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

EA Sports, Tiger Woods take a beating in 'South Park' premiere

Posted on Thu Mar 18 2010

Hard to settle on just one favorite moment from last night's South Park season premiere, with its "preview" of the new EA Sports video game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011. But it might be this: Kenny schools Cartman as Elin slices Tiger with a 7-iron in a game that looks less like a PGA tourney and more like Mortal Kombat. "Oh man, I just lost another endorsement," Cartman says. "How'd you do that?" Kenny's a sly little devil who apparently knows a thing or two about brand retreat in the face of controversy. He's also a really good Xbox 360 player, so he figured out a way to administer a beat down while hitting Tiger where it really hurts—in the pocketbook. Shades of real life! The fourth graders of South Park marveled at the violent video game, with Cartman saying, "EA Sports really outdid itself this time," and Stan deciding golf wasn't so boring after all if there's fighting and F-bombs. The Comedy Central show, an equal-opportunity offender and still the network's highest-rated show, makes fun of sex addiction, the CDC, David Letterman and Swedish accents here. So, EA Sports wasn't alone in having its name raked over the coals. Wonder if they're laughing?

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Alleged Tiger mistress Jamie Jungers gets an endorsement deal

Posted on Tue Dec 15 2009


Oh lord. Now Tiger Woods's mistresses are getting endorsement deals. Three days after appearing on the Today show, Jamie Jungers—a Las Vegas model linked to the pro golfer—scored a deal with BidHere.com, an Internet auction site. Rick Day, CEO of the company, says in a press release that Jungers was the perfect choice for holiday spokesperson because "shopping online ... is a luxury" for most people, but it's a necessity for the lingerie model, given the recent, unwanted publicity. Jungers tells BidHere.com: "The last couple of weeks have been really crazy. I can't go anywhere without the paparazzi following me. Since I can't go out in public, I decided to do some shopping online and discovered BidHere.com. … I can't stress enough how much fun this has been."

—Posted by Elaine Wong

9 brands that would be glad to have Tiger Woods as an endorser

Posted on Mon Dec 7 2009


The eyes of the world are on Tiger Woods. The eyes of the branding world are really on Tiger Woods. The cuts and scrapes he suffered on Nov. 27, when crashed his 2009 Caddy SUV (hey, we thought he drove a Buick!) into a fire hydrant and a tree outside his Orlando manse, will heal. Less certain is the extent of the injuries to Tiger the brand endorser. Starting with the $40 million contract Wood inked with Nike back in 1996, the world's No. 1 golfer today has an endorsement value pegged at $105 million. Well, until that fender bender and the subsequent airing of his dirty laundry, anyway. Just in case the big-name brands do drop the world's richest athlete, we've cooked up a list of brands that might be happy to have Tiger pitch for them.

—Posted by Robert Klara

THEN: Tag Heuer watches
NOW: Gentex rear-view mirrors

THEN: Nike Golf
NOW: AFX helmets

THEN: Gillette razors
NOW: Aamco transmissions

THEN: Gatorade
NOW: Band-Aid

NOW: OnStar

THEN: Upper Deck sports cards
NOW: Hallmark sympathy cards

THEN: Accenture
NOW: Ashley Madison

THEN: NetJets corporate jets
NOW: Artis driver training

THEN: TLC Laser Eye Centers
NOW: Streetglo reflective driveway tape

Tiger will keep his endorsements, but he's losing everything else

Posted on Fri Dec 4 2009

The Tiger Woods pile-on continues. Woods will likely still keep his $100 million in endorsement deals and can still beat any mere human in golf, but it isn't good to be him right now. He has become a punch line overnight. Whether you're talking about a Japanese news station creating animated re-enactments of what happened that faithful night, or amateur Photoshoppers posting doctored images of him beaten and bruised, it's not pretty. Alleged mistresses are being revealed as quickly as Eliot Spitzer prostitutes. This has prompted AshleyMadison.com, a site for adulterers, to offer him $5 million for a marketing deal, per TMZ. The porn-film maker Vivid Entertainment is also reportedly offering $1 million to any of his past lovers to appear in an adult film. Alleged third mistress Kalika Moquin, a marketing manager at a Las Vegas nightclub, could be the front-runner. She was alleged to have told her friends that Tiger lived up to his name in bed. Well, at least that ought to make him feel a little better.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

Accenture ads with Tiger Woods sure look a bit funny these days

Posted on Wed Dec 2 2009


It's funny how an unexpected turn of events in real life can make you reassess a superstar's body of work. It's hard to look at O.J. Simpson the same way in those Naked Gun movies, and I'm sure a lot of people are giving Michael Jackson's lyrics a closer read to find signs of drug-induced agony. In the case of Tiger Woods, we can't really make much of his golf games, but what about those Accenture ads from Young & Rubicam? They turn out to be full of karmic goodies. The one below, for instance, shows Tiger looking across a stream and contemplating his options. "It's what you do next that counts," reads the headline. Another is even more prophetic: "The road to high performance isn't always paved." Still another shows Tiger next to a crude line graph that reads "interpretation 60% information 40%." The only difference now is that the second entry should read "0%." UPDATE: OK, 10%.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman


As if you needed an excuse to sign up for another round of golf

Posted on Thu Aug 20 2009


A great advertising mind is a terrible thing to waste. Trade association thinkLA understands that, and that's why it holds the annual AIEF Charity Golf Day: so the Lee Clows of the future won't be wasted picking apples for minimum wage, and our fledgling Alex Boguskys don't wind up flipping the burgers at Burger King. During the all-day event (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) on Sept. 15, senior and executive members of the ad and marketing community will convene for a day on the green for Google-sponsored golf and networking at the Moorpark Country Club in Moorpark, Calif. This year's honorary chair is Steve Jett, national manager of marketing communications for Lexus. Registration is 100 percent tax deductible. The Advertising Industry Emergency Fund benefits individuals in the SoCal ad and promotions community who have experienced emergencies—such as the fires, earthquakes and landslides that are the region's specialty. AIEF gives people with life-threatening illnesses financial support for medical bills and other expenses. For more details on AIEF Charity Golf Day, go here.

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp

Sam Jackson does his 'Pulp Fiction' rap for ... the Golf Channel?

Posted on Fri Feb 27 2009

Talk about violating your holiest of holies. This promo for the Golf Channel features Samuel L. Jackson reciting a version of his "Ezekiel 25:17" speech from Pulp Fiction. In the movie, the speech (loosely based on the actual verse from the Bible) is revealed as the source of an epiphany for Jackson's character. But here he's relating it to ...Tiger Woods, who returned to golf this week after a long layoff due to knee surgery. Maybe next they'll bring out the Gimp to promote croquet.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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