Ads position Goldman Sachs as good friend to the ordinary man

By David Kiefaber on Thu Sep 30 2010


What Wall Street has done to this country in the name of profit is evil enough without Goldman Sachs trying to ease public acrimony by launching a feel-good ad campaign about themselves. Their theory is that no one likes them anymore because no one really understands what they do, so they want to fix that. The first print ad (full image after the jump) is an exhibition of shamelessness that Kroger Babb would cluck his tongue at. Set against a backdrop of politically expedient wind turbines, the ad suggests Goldman Sachs provides startup capital for honest, hard-working people who want to make the world a better place. Other ads will focus on what the company does for a variety of clients, including corporations, institutions and smiling rubes like us. It's quite a different show than they put on 10 years ago, when they were a plucky investment bank, and it doesn't shed any light on their trading and principal investment strategies, either. So, this whole thing amounts to the company giving itself the Momcorp treatment. Whatever keeps them ahead of the law, I guess, but it's going to take a long, long time for this to gain any traction. To quote one of the many critical commenters, "[Goldman Sachs] advises its clients to buy financial instruments while betting against them with its own money. I don't really need to know more than that."

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