Jillian Michaels of 'Biggest Loser' joins GoDaddy's roster of girls

By David Kiefaber on Fri Sep 17 2010


GoDaddy.com is adding to its roster of famous spokeswomen by bringing in hardass Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels for a three-year deal. Michaels will join GoDaddy veteran Danica Patrick, whose silence on the subject could mean any number of things. This move will surely be good for GoDaddy's brand, but maybe not so good for Michaels' in the long term. GoDaddy has climbed to the top of the Web-domain registry business thanks to its, ahem, provocative advertising. This is something of a landmark, because sex has actually translated into sales, and not just attention, for GoDaddy. It's also the only Web-hosting company with any kind of widespread marketing initiative, but the fact remains that its stupid Maxim humor actually works. But Michaels, who is something of an inspirational figure, could scotch her reputation with a few years of tearing her shirt off for creepazoids like Bob Parsons. She'll be doing it for a lot of money, most likely, but that's still a tough call. We'll see how she feels after the Super Bowl.



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