Two guys taking the ultimate summer road trip thanks to Gillette

By Elaine Wong on Thu Jul 15 2010


For those of you who dream of landing a snazzy summer job, two regular guys—Adam Ward and Jason Zone Fisher—suddenly have it made. Procter & Gamble is putting them to work as part of the consumer products giant's Ultimate Summer Job Contest. The effort, which supports P&G's recent Gillette Fusion ProGlide launch, will send the guys on a summer road trip and have them document their experiences on a blog: (Ward and Fisher were selected from many contestants following a Gillette rap performance on stage in New York's Hudson Hotel.) The summer trip includes stops at the ESPY Awards, Lollapalooza, the Vegas Strip and—get this—"a private tour of the FBI headquarters," a PR rep writes. Hmph. We are jealous, but will be keeping up with them on Twitter at @ProGlideUSJ.

Jeter and Woods out-'70s Federer in latest ad for Gillette Fusion

Posted on Tue Apr 21 2009

Roger Federer might be an international sex symbol and a tennis legend, but put him next to Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods and he's just a goofball. That's the gist of a new ad from BBDO for Gillette's Fusion razor that pays tribute to the opening scene of the 1977 classic Saturday Night Fever. While Jeter and Woods apparently have the Travolta strut down, Federer, with his high-heeled shoes and silly grin, is just way too Swiss or something to make the cut. Speaking of making the cut, can this ad help Gillette make being clean-shaven cool again in this age of beards and three-day stubble? And is drawing on a 30-year-old movie with two thirtysomething and one late-20s athlete the way to do it? Maybe Gillette threw out the marketing playbook on this one and subscribed to the Bee Gees' maxim that "we've been living in a world of fools breakin' us down, when they all should let us be."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

How much did Gillette have to pay Jeter to shave a man's face?

Posted on Fri Feb 6 2009

OK, this skit is some really clever product integration for Gillette. For those who missed Jimmy Kimmel last night, Kimmel sent Guillermo to the Champions of Gaming Presented by Gillette. His mission: to play head-to-head against "El Tigere" Woods and defeat the golfer (who looks like he has bed head). Guillermo gets some friendly advice along with way from John Cena (specifically, to lose his "porn 'stache"). After singing an off-key love ballad to his facial hair, he lets Derek Jeter shave his face. Perfect for Gillette, kind of gross for Jeter. Does he really need to whore himself out like this? The Yankees are going to give him a ridiculous contract next year just for luxury of watching his skills fade at the new Yankee Stadium and not somewhere else.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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