You’re not going to believe this, Gene Simmons is shilling again

Posted on Fri Mar 27 2009

Gene Simmons who loves the spotlight more than any human being alive is at it again. Dr Pepper has hired the make-up wearing heavy metal icon to introduce its new Dr Pepper Cherry soda. (Wait isn’t regular Dr Pepper sort of cherry-flavored?) Anyway, the Kiss bassist is the latest “doctor” to appear in the brand’s ads. “Dr. Love” follows Dr. Frasier Crane and Dr. J in delivering the tagline “Trust me, I’m a doctor.” The strangely campy spot features Simmons in full monster make-up surrounded by the type of sexy women he has made a name for himself by bedding seven million times or something. Then, his son trots out onto the set like a director and tells him how to deliver his lines. The script calls for Gene telling us the carbonated drink is refreshingly smooth like it’s some sort of single malt scotch or something. Belch.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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