Gold'n Plump customers speaking out on a soapbox made of hay

Posted on Mon Aug 24 2009

The girl next door has feathers and a beak. This new campaign for Gold'n Plump chicken, by GdB in Minneapolis, implores Midwesterners to support poultry raised in Minnesota and Wisconsin and speak up about the importance of buying local. In the TV spot, called "Get Vocal About Local," a number of people step onto a bale of hay, instead of a soapbox, and give their reasons for supporting their friendly neighborhood chicken. The placements of the bale get more precarious as the ad progresses, moving from a sidewalk and a supermarket to a rocking boat and a construction site. At the end of the spot, a girl in ice skates and hockey gear stands on the bale in the middle of a rink where other children are playing. People on the coasts may not be able to buy Gold'n Plump chicken locally, but we can admire the sense of adventure it gives to its eaters.

—Posted by Elana Glowatz

Summit Brewing wants to hear your rambling, drunken questions

Posted on Mon Aug 17 2009


A drunk's musings might be more valid than you might think. In its newest campaign from GdB in Minneapolis, Summit Brewing invites beer drinkers to "Get to the bottom of it"—that is, the bottom of their pint glasses and also questions about "life, the universe and everything in between." The campaign includes print, outdoor, radio and online ads, and poses questions such as, "Does belching impact the ozone?" It also calls on lushes to join the debate and offer up mind-boggling questions of their own. Each month, one fan entry will be showcased on a billboard in downtown Minneapolis and online. Seeing your enormous face displayed on an outdoor ad should help your pickled, hung-over brain slowly piece together the events of the night before.

—Posted by Elana Glowatz



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