WNBA's New York Liberty taking a gamble with Foxwoods logo

Posted on Fri Jun 4 2010


Logos are everywhere! If you don't believe me, check out the new jerseys of the WBNA's New York Liberty. Starting this week, the team's uniform will sport the Foxwoods Resort Casino logo, as part of a multi-year deal. The Liberty will unveil the logo during a game at Mohegan Sun on Friday. Foxwoods claims it's the first resort/casino to have branding on the front of a professional sports jersey. But like many other brands, Foxwoods is tapping into the world of sports for a little extra exposure. Sports fans are already bombarded with brand messages on stadium signage, billboards and concession stands. Foxwoods is taking that to the next level by ensuring that its name gets noticed each time a player dribbles a basketball.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina

Do you feel lucky? The folks in Valley View Casino's ads sure do.

Posted on Mon Mar 29 2010

Making any kind of claim in broadcast or print media has always been a bit of a tricky affair. If you sell an anti-aging potion, you obviously can't say it makes people younger, so you'd better stick with something suitably loopholed like: "May help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles." OK, but what if you're in the casino business? Assuming the odds of winning are the same at your place as they are on the felt in Vegas or Monte Carlo, you'd better not say your place is luckier. But judging by a new TV spot from San Diego's Valley View Casino, your customers can—or at least come awfully close. In this 30-second ad (shot by Peter Rodger, who directed the 2009 documentary Oh My God), casino guests look at the camera and say why they bring their quarters to Valley View. "These must be the loosest slots!" chirps one. "I feel more lucky here than in Vegas," says another. Affirms a third smiling guest: "I win here—I like that." Hmmm. Well, one thing's for sure: Even if you lose your shirt, the lobster buffet's free on your first visit.

—Posted by Robert Klara

OTB wins right to place and show some female flesh

Posted on Wed Nov 18 2009

Otb1109club Off Track Betting in New York had the nerve to try and link gambling and sex. Can you believe their gall?!? Hey wait, isn’t that what Las Vegas is built upon? Anyway, Long Island’s Nassau County isn’t about to become Sin City east. County legislators were up in arms after it the OTB opened a “Skin Room” at the Plainview Race Palace. The marketing showed a bare legged woman in hot pants and language like “"A whole new set of rules…There are NO RULES." OTB officials originally defended they ad and said something to the effect of they weren’t opening up a strip club. Rather, they were just looking to promote some “good, clean fun” among a younger audience. (For those who have never been to an OTB, they often tend to be inhabited by older men with few teeth and a lot of Wild Irish Rose on their breath.) Still, yesterday OTB backed down by replacing the ad with another featuring a sexy woman in black stockings. It also changed the name of the venue from the “Skin Room” the the “Blush Room.” Conservatives rejoice!

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

Mohegan Sun says go for broke—even if you really are

Posted on Fri Feb 20 2009

MoheganCrapsTable Right now, most Americans' idea of a game of chance is going to work to see if there's a pink slip stuck to their computer screens. It's not hitting the slots or the craps table at the nearest casino.
  With discretionary spending but a quaint memory, gambling resorts across the country are losing their shirts: Revenues are down nearly 5 percent at Minnesota's 17 casinos; Donald Trump's three Atlantic City properties are in the bankruptcy; and in Vegas some 50,000 hotel-room nights have been cancelled in the last six weeks alone. The industry's tactical response to troubles like these usually takes the form of giveaways and heavy discounting. But if there's one big no-no in the hospitality biz-which trades heavily on fantasy and escapism-it's admitting that things are bad. Well, don't tell that to the marketing folks at Mohegan Sun. The gambling mecca in the Connecticut hinterlands has just introduced something it calls the "Stimulus, Recovery and Rebound Package."
  Hmmm. No need to wonder what that's all about. Is this package still a lot of giveaways and heavy discounting? Sure, but it's got a recession theme-aimed squarely at a new breed of customer: the budget-conscious high roller. The minimum bet at the black jack table has been dropped to just five bucks. Half- and even quarter-cent slot machines have hit the gaming floor, too. Meanwhile, the Sun is hoping to recapture some of the fast-disappearing expense-account trade with its "Business Bail Out" program, which includes free gaming lessons for corporate clients.
  Hell, even the GM brass could justify that kind of getaway.

—Posted by Robert Klara



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