Procter & Gamble's Gain wants your two cents about scents

By Elaine Wong on Mon Aug 2 2010
Sabrina-Soto Scent is very, very important to some consumers. So much so that Procter & Gamble's Gain has kicked off a "Home Scent-ervention Contest." The fabric care brand has tapped Sabrina Soto—a staging expert on HGTV's Real Estate Intervention —to make consumers homes "smell heavenly," and, of course, she'll "sprinkle in her style, too," as the company's Web site pitches it. To enter, participants must submit a three-minute (max) video explaining why scent is important to them and why they deserve a scent makeover.  For those who think scent isn't all that critical, Soto (pictured), who also hosts the network's Get It Sold show, can probably tell you otherwise. The real estate market might be bad, but who wants to buy a stinky house?



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