I'm a little hazy on what Fuzzy's vodka is trying to accomplish

Posted on Tue Nov 17 2009


Over the years, a wide array of alcohol brands have made no secret of their goal to get consumers smashed. Some that immediately come to mind are Mad Dog 20/20, Molson XXX and Fire Water liqueur. (Of course, one could argue that Jagermeister has also become synonymous with the state of intoxication, but that's more by reputation than by coming out and saying it in the name, like, say, Delirium Tremors beer does.) Well, now there is a new player in this game—a vodka called Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka. Yes, Fuzzy's promises clean, mild aromas and the faintest hint of citrus talc. Still, you can't dress it up, because it is called Fuzzy's. This high-end entrant wants so badly to compete with the Grey Gooses of the world. But I just don't see it. Even though it was named for the golfer Fuzzy Zoeller, the upper crust isn't going to proudly call for a "Fuzzy drink" when out with business associates. Maybe it will work at the 19th hole, but if they really want some volume, they'd be better off targeting the frat houses. So, I guess I have to say that frankly I find their marketing strategy a little fuzzy. Get it? Eh, it would probably be funnier after a few drinks.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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