FujiFilm 3-D camera makes picture parties a lot more immersive

By Todd Wasserman on Thu Nov 11 2010

It's bad enough that every movie out there is in 3-D these days, but now digital cameras are going 3-D, too? In this ad for FujiFilm's FinePix Real 3-D W3 digital camera, some bore is about to show pics from his recent New York trip to his friends, but once they see the photos are in 3-D, they're suddenly immersed in a magical stop-time version of Manhattan where a skateboarder is frozen mid-twirl. After interacting with the 3-D world, one friend asks if the camera does 3-D video, too, and an open fire hydrant provides the answer. To get the full effect, see the in-cinema ad in 3-D rather than the 2-D version here.



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