Give your cat Friskies, and it'll feel like it just ate some kitty acid

Posted on Wed Feb 17 2010

Everyone enjoys an adventure, even your cat. That's the message in this new Friskies ad, which debuted on Valentine's Day. It's part of the first major campaign for the Purina cat-food brand in seven years. The ad shows a happy kitty (who resembles my own feline) running through a Friskies "Adventureland." The cat passes turkeys, cows and chickens and rides on a float in the shape of a fish—all of which represent the ingredients found in the cat food. According to a Friskies marketing rep, the jingle was written specifically for this TV spot. The brand hasn't used music like this before. The animation and music remind me of a children's program: vibrant colors and simple words that are meant to stick in your mind. "Excite your cat day and night with endless enchantment. It's the magic Friskies makes happen every day in so many ways," the jingle goes. Given that we treat our pets like children, it makes sense why Friskies took this (somewhat gooey) direction.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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